Senior Smart Puzzles In the News

    As a massage therapist, Lindy McClean noticed a need among some of her elderly clients. They wanted books with brain-stimulating activities, but were finding the adult puzzles had become too difficult to solve.

    “For various reasons such as diminished eyesight, dexterity, and concentration, adult puzzles like sudoku and many crosswords are now too complicated for a lot of folks,” said McClean. “The puzzles of appropriate difficulty are all illustrated for children.”

    So McClean created Senior Smart Puzzles. Simple-to-solve mazes, hidden objects, and same/different picture puzzles illustrated with vintage pictures.

    Illustrator James Cloutier has given Senior Smart Puzzles a fun personality. “I took care to make realistic drawings, authentic to that time period,” said Cloutier. “The ‘greatest generation’ will recognize people and scenes from their past.”

    Cloutier took a special interest in this project because his father and his uncle both died from Alzheimer’s Disease. “My mother spent the last year of her life in an assisted living facility,” said Cloutier. “I never knew what to take to her when I went to visit. I wish Senior Smart Puzzles had been available back then to share with both of my parents in their last years.”

    Sally Bogner, Oregon coordinator of adult respite day care and Alzheimer’s support group facilitator, has used the book with her senior groups. Said Bogner, “Senior Smart Puzzles is entertaining and stimulating for the impaired and the unimpaired. Seniors can really relate to the vintage pictures. This reminiscing encourages conversation and communication.”

    “ The response has been so great from professional caregivers and Baby Boomers with elderly parents that we created Senior Smart Puzzles Book Two, “ said McClean. “This has been one of the most rewarding projects of my life. It’s fantastic to see so many “Super Seniors” enjoying the book.”

    Senior Smart Puzzles is available through McClean’s website, www.seniorsmartpuzzles.com or at Amazon.com. $10.99.